vendredi 12 juillet 2013

Press Review (July 13, 2013) – Revue de presse (13 juillet 2013)

Study finds inverse link between cancer, Alzheimer's
In a small bit of good news for people with terrible diagnoses, having cancer appears to protect against getting Alzheimer's disease -- and vice versa.
By Karen Weintraub. In USA Today

Protein Targeted for Cancer Drug Development Is Essential for Normal Heart Function
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists have discovered that a protein used by cancer cells to evade death also plays a vital role in heart health. This dual role complicates efforts to develop cancer drugs that target the protein, but may lead to new therapies for heart muscle damage. The research appeared in the June 15 edition of the scientific journal Genes & Development.
In Science Daily (press release)                       

Sequestration Cuts To Research 'Like A Slowly Growing Cancer'
Research leaders at some of the top American universities have held an annual gathering in Washington the last four years to discuss science, technology, and how federal policies have hampered or fostered both.
By Sam Stein. In Huffington Post                      

Location of Body Fat Can Elevate Heart Disease, Cancer Risk
Individuals with excessive abdominal fat have a greater risk of heart disease and cancer than individuals with a similar body mass index (BMI) who carry their fat in other areas of the body, according to a study published online today in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.
In Science Daily (press release)                       

Prostate Cancer Treatment, Enzalutamide, Offers New Hope To Men, Study Reveals
A hi-tech prostate cancer drug that offers hope to men who have run out of treatment options became available in the UK on Thursday. Enzalutamide is licensed for patients with advanced prostate cancer who are no longer responding to hormone treatments or chemotherapy. Data from a major trial showed that the new pill, costing around £2,500 a month, can extend the lives of patients no longer being treated by almost five months.
In Huffington Post UK

Cancer du sein : l ' Avastin déconseillé
Le Centre Fédéral d’Expertise des Soins de Santé (KCE) recommande désormais d’arrêter l’utilisation du médicament Avastin utilisé dans le traitement du cancer du sein métastatique. Bien loin des résultats escomptés, ce médicament provoquerait des effets indésirables importants.
Dans Le Vif

Japon : le directeur de la centrale de Fukushima succombe à un cancer
Masao Yoshida, l'homme qui a mené les opérations d'urgence visant à stabiliser la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima au Japon, est mort mardi d'un cancer de l'oesophage. Il avait 58 ans
Dans Radio-Canada

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