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Mutated genes in cancer (85) –PALB2 (FANCN)

PALB2 (alias FANCN)

In databases :

Entrez ( 79728 or PALB2
Ensembl ( ENSG00000083093
UniProt ( Q86YC2
OMIM ( 610355
GeneCards ( PALB2
HGNC ( 26144 or PALB2

Gene locus :


Protein name:

Partner and localizer of BRCA2

Protein Size:

1186 amino acids; about 131 kDa


This gene encodes a protein that may function in tumor suppression. This protein binds to and colocalizes with the breast cancer 2 early onset protein (BRCA2) in nuclear foci and likely permits the stable intranuclear localization and accumulation of BRCA2. It also enables the recombinational repair and checkpoint functions of BRCA2.

Cancer-related alterations:

Genetic variations in PALB2 are associated with breast cancer susceptibility.

Defects in PALB2 are the cause of Fanconi anemia complementation group N (FANCN)
(see Fanconi Anemia genes)

Somatic PALB2 point mutations are rare.

References (open access):

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