dimanche 1 avril 2012

Nature journal publishes first volume of Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia

The goal of cancer treatment is to match the right drug to the right target in the right patient. But before such "personalized" drugs can be developed, more knowledge is needed about specific genomic alterations in cancers and their sensitivity to potential therapeutic agents.

Now an academic-industry collaboration is releasing the first results from a new and freely available resource that marries deeply detailed cancer genome data with predictors of drug response, information that could lead to refinements in cancer clinical trials and future treatments. The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE), authored by scientists at the Broad Institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Foundation, and the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, is described in the March 29 issue of the journal Nature. In a proof of principle, the researchers also report that genomic predictors of drug sensitivity revealed three novel candidate biomarkers of response.

Source: The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia enables predictive modelling of anticancer drug sensitivity. Jordi Barretina, Giordano Caponigro, Nicolas Stransky, Kavitha Venkatesan, Adam A. Margolin, Sungjoon Kim, Christopher J. Wilson, Joseph Lehár, Gregory V. Kryukov, Dmitriy Sonkin, Anupama Reddy, Manway Liu, Lauren Murray, Michael F. Berger, John E. Monahan, Paula Morais, Jodi Meltzer, Adam Korejwa, Judit Jané-Valbuena, Felipa A. Mapa, Joseph Thibault, Eva Bric-Furlong, Pichai Raman, Aaron Shipway, Ingo H. Engels, Jill Cheng, Guoying K. Yu, Jianjun Yu, Peter Aspesi, Melanie de Silva, Kalpana Jagtap, Michael D. Jones, Li Wang, Charles Hatton, Emanuele Palescandolo, Supriya Gupta, Scott Mahan, Carrie Sougnez, Robert C. Onofrio, Ted Liefeld, Laura MacConaill, Wendy Winckler, Michael Reich, Nanxin Li, Jill P. Mesirov, Stacey B. Gabriel, Gad Getz, Kristin Ardlie, Vivien Chan, Vic E. Myer, Barbara L. Weber, Jeff Porter, Markus Warmuth, Peter Finan, Jennifer L. Harris, Matthew Meyerson, Todd R. Golub, Michael P. Morrissey, William R. Sellers, Robert Schlegel & Levi A. Garraway. Nature  483, 603–307 (29 March 2012)

Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia Home:  http://www.broadinstitute.org/ccle/home

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