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Mutated genes in cancer (71) – NOTCH1


In databases:

● Entrez ( 4851 or NOTCH1
● Ensembl ( ENSG00000148400
● UniProt ( P46531
● GeneCards ( NOTCH1
● HGNC ( 7881 or NOTCH1
● Enzyme Number (IUBMB): EC, EC

Gene locus:


Protein name:

Notch 1

Protein Size:

2555 amino acids; about 273 kDa


The protein encoded by NOTCH1 functions as a receptor for membrane-bound ligands of the Jagged and Delta-like families. It is involved in cell-fate determination, implementation of differentiation, proliferation and apoptotic programs.

Cancer-related alterations:

Notch1 mutations play a dual role in carcinogenesis as either a tumor suppressor or an oncogene. The role of NOTCH1 within and between cells depends on signal strength, timing, cell type, and context.

Altered NOTCH1 is a causative factor in the development of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia and lymphoma (T-ALL). It is notably involved in T-ALL following translocation t(7;9)(q34;q34.3),  leading to the fusion gene NOTCH1-TRB@, in which the 3' portion of NOTCH1 is juxtaposed with the T cell receptor β (TRB@) locus. This leads to expression of truncated NOTCH1 transcripts and consequent production of dominant active, ligand-independent forms of the NOTCH1 receptor, causing T-ALL. Less than 1% of human T-ALLs exhibit the t(7;9) translocation, however, activating mutations in NOTCH1 independent of t(7;9) have been identified in more than 50% of human T-ALL.

Somatic point mutations have been found in tumors of haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue (up to 20%), oesophagus and upper aerodigestive tract, CNS, large intestine, lung, pancreas, breast. Most mutation events are substitution, with hot spots corresponding to amino acids 1575-1601.

References (open access):

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