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Focus: Which are the antibodies to watch in 2012?

As we enter the new year of 2012, the realm of antibody therapeutics development seems full of possibilities for antibodies to watch. The commercial pipeline of antibody-based therapeutics continues to grow and now totals nearly 350 candidates. The molecular diversity of the candidates, especially those for cancer, is remarkable. Modified antibodies such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), bispecific antibodies, Fc or glyco-engineered antibodies and antibody fragments/domains now comprise more than half of the anticancer antibodies at Phase 1, and ~40% of those at Phase 2 and Phase 3. These types of modified antibodies have not been developed as frequently for other disorders-by comparison, ~90% of antibodies developed for non-cancer indications are unmodified IgG-but development of the new formats for inflammatory and autoimmune disorders is expected to grow. In addition, antibody mixtures and antibodies with indirect mechanisms of action (e.g., agonism of immune activation receptors or antagonism of immune inhibitory receptors) are entering clinical study more frequently.

Source: Which are the antibodies to watch in 2012? Reichert JM. MAbs. 2012 Jan 1;4(1):1-3.
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En 2012, le pipeline commercial des thérapeutiques à base d'anticorps continue de croître et s'élève maintenant à près de 350 candidats. La diversité moléculaire des candidats, en particulier ceux dirigés contre le cancer, est remarquable. Les anticorps modifiés tels que les anticorps conjugués à des médicaments (ADCS), les anticorps bispécifiques, et autres, représentent maintenant plus de la moitié des anticorps anticancéreux en Phase 1 de développement, et ~ 40% de ceux arrivés à la phase 2 et à la phase 3.

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