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Press review (May 7, 2011) – Revue de presse (7 mai 2011)

California State Senate panel passes bill to ban people under 18 from using tanning beds
The bill's sponsor, state Sen. Ted Lieu, says too much exposure to ultraviolet rays, especially at a young age, can cause skin cancer. The bill must pass another committee before going to the full Senate.
By Marc Lifsher. In Los Angeles Times

Women in Their 40s Want Mammograms: Poll
Among women who have had a hysterectomy, those whose ovaries were also removed had a lower risk of subsequent ovarian cancer and no greater risks of heart disease, hip fractures or other types of cancer, a new study indicates.
By Jenifer Goodwin. In U.S. News & World Report

Three new breast cancer genes found and discovery could bring drugs lifesaver in five years
Three key breast cancer genes have been pinpointed by British scientists in a breakthrough likened to finding gold in Trafalgar Square.The discovery could save thousands of lives a year by providing researchers with the inspiration they need to come up with vital new treatments for the most common form of the disease.
By Fiona Macrae. In Daily Mail

MRIs Can Tell Endometrial, Cervical Cancer Apart: Study
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can distinguish between endometrial and cervical cancer in most cases where a biopsy fails to do so, a new study says.
In U.S. News & World Report

Cancer du sein : la découverte de trois gènes ravive l'espoir de nouveaux traitements
Des scientifiques de l'Institut de recherche en cancérologie de Londres, viennent de découvrir trois nouveaux gènes responsables du cancer du sein. L'étude parue dans la revue PLoS Genetics devrait permettre d'aboutir à la mise sur le marché de nouveaux traitements dans quelques années.
Dans MaxiSciences

Cancer : les bonnes nouvelles font les gros titres
Selon une étude de scientifiques de l'Université McGill et de l'Institut Lady Davis, le ton est à l'optimisme et à l'espoir aujourd'hui lorsqu'on parle dans les journaux de cancer.

Cancer: l'ablation de la prostate réduit la mortalité des plus jeunes 
L'ablation de la prostate chez les sexagénaires atteints d'un cancer de cette glande réduit le risque de mortalité des plus jeunes d'entre eux, selon une étude suédoise publiée jeudi dans la revue américaine New England Journal of Medicine.

California Supreme Court addresses legal deadlines for tobacco lawsuits
The court rules that smokers may sue the tobacco industry once they develop a disease like lung cancer, even if they suffered different smoking-related ailments years earlier.
By Maura Dolan. In Los Angeles Times

Aggressive Treatment May Be Beneficial for Early Prostate Cancer
In men under 65, death risk was lower than for those who chose 'watchful waiting,' study finds.
By Amanda Gardner. In U.S. News & World Report

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